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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Roti Perancis- Baguette is currently our main diet beside the rice (or riz in French). Cost at about Euro 0.75 cent each, no wonder you could see most people here in France consuming it.

At large market (marche), these breads is sold at a very cheap price (prix) mostly sold in bundle. Even Yusuf love eating it bare without any dippers. As in Gardenia's ads, "Makan begitu saja!".

As for Mariam and kakak2 Yusuf, taking it with soups; chicken, ox tail and mushroom soup is the best. Especially while the bread is still warm.

InsyaAllah, we would really like to learn how to bake it. And share the moments with friends and family back home.


Anonymous said...

sedapnya dpt makn nasi..aku kat amstrdam mkn kebeb euro12,laksa penang euro17,nasib baik gi 5 hr je.. rose

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