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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Johnny Hallyday. ' si mon coeur '

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just finished watching Johnny Hallyday Dernier Tournee on TF1 channel, main channel in France. One word to describe it despite hardly understand most of the French songs.....BEST!!!!...Le Meilleur (Hope i spell it correctly).

Despite of the first class show; the lighting, the musics, the angles you name it. We re upset because of our favorite song was not sang. Si Mon Coeur. The song that made us one family made known to him.

The show was so fantastic, so inspiring, full of aspiration. So full of life. I must live my life free. That's my conclusion after witnessing this 66 year old man singing his heart out in front of sea of people at Stade de France which could accommodate 80,000 people seated plus thousands more on the field. Since it was his Last Tour, you could see how most of his fans cried live on TV. Even there's one tattoed Johnny Hallyday's face on his chest.

I did wonder if any of our singer back home could catch such a big crowd. Maybe Datuk S.M.Salim. Or maybe our Papa Rock, Ramli Sarip. M.Nasir?!

Enjoy the clip.


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