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Monday, May 11, 2009

Life goes on....

Monday, May 11, 2009
Less than a month I have been shaken by the death of my colleague's daughter, Mr. Ary's second child. Both Mariam and I, were personally saddened by the plight taken by Mimi. She is young and yet so strong in enduring her ordeal. InsyaAllah with her strong will and patience she will be rewarded bountifully.

And yesterday afternoon another news poured in. Lately, I hardly received sms. So whenever I do receive one, i take it lightly knowing most of the sms are promotional sms from SFR, our mobile service provider. Only about over an hour later I took the initiative to look at it. Ahhh....from Ida, my dearest sister and close colleague back home. And to my surprise once I read further, Innalilahi..... Mr Md Nor had passed away. I was shocked and touched. A colleageu of mine back home had met our Lord.

When I come to think about it, few others had left us since we have arrived here. Budi, a young guy in IT Section and Brother Zul, a nice chap in Asset Section. Ya Allah, Thy callings await no one. I plead to Thou Allah, do have Thy Bless upon these lovely souls. And upon us if it is time for us to meet Thou too. Ameen.



che is...reen said...

life goes on...and we are counting all those someone that we left behind still remain in our mind...Al-Fatihah...

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