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Monday, May 25, 2009

My Lil' Boss

Monday, May 25, 2009
Gosh been quite sometimes since my last update. Well here's the reason why. As far as the main pc user concern he's the TOP priority. The Lil' Don aka Yusuf. My man and ma boss. My antidote, my poison (Penawar & Racunku). One thing which i cant stand most is every time he says, "Ayah... nak main tem...piss". Translated as Dad...wanna play game...please...". Once awhile a French words pop up at the end,"...s'il vous plait". What's interesting most, most he's French words pronoun clearly. Gee...i wonder what would happen once he going to nursery this September. Wait and see.....


reen said...

amboii...tekun nyer ucop yek dpn laptop yek : )

Asmara said...

Biasa la budak2 ni, kalo dah minat kat satu benda tu terus melekat, lagi2 game nih. Nak hantar nursery ye? cepat la ber'bonjour' nih. hehe..

ezad said...

Selain nie kan dier ader satu lagi pe'el dier. Nak main game tapi kakak or ayah dier yg kena main. Adoiii...tang tu yg kadang2 bergaduh dibuatnyer.

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